Nursing is an art and science which is guided by research and governed by code of ethics. Nursing integrates concepts from bio-psychosocial sciences and spiritualism to provide essential services to people. The pursuit of knowledge and tradition of rendering care fosters the blending of traditional values with modern technology and functional requirements.

The Institute of Nursing, Wah Medical College is an initiative to produce quality nurses and to improve the current deficiencies in the health care system of the country. This institute was initially started in 1975 with the aim to provide three years General Nursing Diploma Program. In order to address the new trends and requirements of health promotion and quality education, it is indispensable to instill the students with the latest knowledge and skills.

Therefore, the institute has started two degree level programs (Generic BScN & Post RN BScN) and one Nurse Midwifery diploma (4th Year) program with the approval of Pakistan Nursing Council and affiliated University/Board.

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