The Institute of Nursing Wah Medical College provides well-furnished non air-conditioned, accommodation to out station students within its premises.

In the interest of those who seek accommodation, a written request should be submitted well ahead of time.

Students seeking hostel accommodation should read and understand the hostel rules before signing the hostel registration form.

Boys Hostel

22The Institute provides a healthy and comfortable home for male students. The hostel room is non air-conditioned but fully furnished. It is situated on the campus and is located in the vicinity of the medical college. Those seeking residence in the hostel are required to write an application and submit it during the admission process. There is a full time staff to take care of the diverse needs of the residents and to ensure the implementation of rules and regulations. The staff is responsible for the safety, security and upkeep of the hostel. Residents are required to extend their full cooperation to them.

Girls Hostel


The female nursing and medical students stay in the girls’ hostel which provides them a comfortable home. This hostel is equally equipped with all the necessary facilities present in the boys’ hostel. Copies of hostel rules are available with the House Mothers. For details the House Mother on duty should be contacted.


Mess facility is available in both the hostels (boys and girls) for those students residing in the hostel. Students are charged for their food on monthly basis.


The Institute has an excellence fleet of vehicles for pick-n-drop of students for the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Students are charged for the transport on monthly basis.

Cafeteria & Tuck-shop

1The premises of the institute have cafeterias and several tuck shops where students and faculty can get food items.

Institute of Nursing, Wah Medical College has its own Girls and Boys hostels separately with high class living and catering services. The Girls hostel is supervised by a lady warden. There are round the clock security arrangements for both the hostels.

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