a3The faculty members at Institute of Nursing, Wah Medical College implement various available modes of teaching and learning to maximize the outcomes of potential nu rses. Some of the methods being utilized are:

  • Interactive Lectures
  • Tutorials / PBLs
  • Clinical Conferences
  • Case Studies
  • Concept Mapping, Students Presentations
  • Skills Demonstration / Re-Demonstrations
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • Integrated Performance Exams (IPEs)
  • Field Trips
  • Students Projects
  • Small Group Discussion (SGD) / Large Group Discussion (LGD) / Presentations
  • Health Education / Teaching

Internal Assessment:
The continuous internal assessment shall contribute 10% to the total allocated marks for each subject in a professional examination. Awards of internal assessment will be equally distributed to the final Theory and Oral/Practical Examinations scores of a candidate and not to an individual component like MCQs, SEQs paper or Oral/Practical/ Clinical Examination.
Eligibility of students to appear in University Exams:
1. The professional examination shall be open to any student who is certified by the Principal          Institute of Nursing, Wah Medical College for bearing:
a. Good character
b. Having attended not less than 85% of the full course of lectures delivered and practical/tutorial       conducted in each subject.
c. Having cleared all the outstanding dues
2. However, the students falling short of his/her percentage in attendance may be permitted to appear in the examination if they complete their deficiency through special makeup classes / clinicals conducted up to the commencement of the next examination while remaining on the college rolls.

3. A candidate who fails in one or more subjects in a Professional Examination of University of Health Science Lahore, shall, if he/she so desires, provisionally be allowed to join the next higher class till the commencement of supplementary examination. The candidate, however, will have to pass the failed subjects in the supplementary examination failing which he/she will be detained in that class. Under no circumstances, a candidate will be promoted to next higher class till he/she has passed the Professional Examination of preceding class.


a2All the class rooms are equipped with multimedia and white board. The Institute provides necessary comfort to make the environment conducive to learning. In addition to the classrooms, there are separate and shared lab facilities which are:

  • Bio-chemistry Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Dissection Hall
  • Anatomy museum
  • Skill Laboratory
  • Demonstration room
  • Computer Laboratory
  • English Language Lab

a1For purpose of self-studies, the Institute houses a spacious and well-stocks library where text and reference books have been placed for the use of faculty and students. The main library has the facility of internet, online journals access, and good number of CDs and audio-visual material on topics of clinical and basic health sciences.


English Language lab is equipped with the Audio-Visual Aids (AVAs), Which focuses on different aspects of English language enhancement. The learners utilize a number of resources during their college hours to improve their English.


For all computer related work, students will utilize computer lab located in nursing Institute and main library of Wah Medical College Wah Cantt.


For the clinical practice, Nursing students will utilize different facilities of the hospitals.
These hospitals provide exposure to a number of clinical disciplines related to all areas of medical and surgical nursing, mental health nursing, leadership and management, Pediatric, gynecology and obstetrics. The primary clinical site remains POF hospital, however, for certain specialized training such as Psychiatry, care for the terminally ill patients, etc. students achieve their clinical teaching in other hospital settings.


Student affairs office is students’ contact from the time before admission (through admission office) to the time after their graduation as alumni of the Institute. This office is students’ advisor, record keeper and information source. Student affair office manages:

  • Admissions related procedures & processes
  • Liaison with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) and University’s Registrar Office.
  • Keeps Students’ Records update
  • Organizes Graduation ceremony
  • Formal letters regarding different matters relevant to students, are mailed to parents/gaurdians regularly. Students and parents are requested to keep their mailing addressed, phone contacts, and email ids’ updated with the Student Affairs Office at all times.

Medical care facilities are provided to students under arrangements of IoN,WMC. The students have to pay the actual bills for outdoor/indoor treatment.

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