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Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have; so the man, ever since his creation, has been aspiring and struggling to measure the limits of this universe and utilize the ultimate capabilities of his own mind. The wonders which have been done, so far, in every field of life are the outcome of healthy human mind dwelled in healthy bodies by the Almighty Allah. Maladies of various kinds have been substantial and at times become disastrous threat to human health which hamper the routine growth and function of an individual, and prohibit the advancement and progression of a nation as well.
Profession of Nursing is a vital component of medical care delivery system. Its significance is acknowledged since the times immemorial. Highly qualified and skilled nurses ensure quality outcomes in the patient care management and add to the repute of the hospital. Their contact with the patients is the closet one and their compassion lights a flame of strength and hope in the lives of sick humanity.

The current trends and advancements in education and technology offer immense challenge to match the needs and demands of high standards of medical care and patient satisfaction. To meet such challenges, it is imperative to have quality education and standard training institutions. In Pakistan and other developing countries, where the demand of nurses is exponential, it is the need of hour to do capacity building and develop more nursing colleges of high standards in this regard. Also, it is necessary to create more incentives to make the profession more appealing.
I appreciate the untiring and un-matched efforts of all those associated to the Institute of Nursing, Wah Medical College in any capacity and at any position. In the end, I assure my continuous help and support to Institute of Nursing, Wah Medical College.
Lt. General
Umar Mehmood Hayat HI (M)

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  2. haya zainab

    admin can u tell me what was the
    last merit of wah medical college. and this year expected merit for paying cadets and open merits

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